Corporate Program

Corporate Education Program for Home Buyers

This is a fantastic program designed to help your first time buyers understand the complete process of buying a home. From a credit score to the offer, all the way to a closing, we cover it all. There is no charge or cost to your company. We proved the promotional material, the training, and the support. In the flyer we claim we give back money at the closing and this is correct. Each of us, the lawyer, mortgage broker, and the agent give up some of their commission – no we do not mark up the rate – then at closing we return a percent of the sales commission, part of the closing fee and part of the mortgage commission. This is never under $1200 and caps out at $3600. For this money at closing the buyer must use our lawyer, our mortgage lender and David King as the realtor. Your employees are NOT REQUIRED to use us, but they will not receive the payment at closing if they do not use our team. Our goal is to help put more people in homes, with less mistakes, and for this we make less money but we make it up in volume.

The class typically takes about 1 hour. We come to your facility. We bring lunch if the class is during lunch time. We provide the brochures and posters to distribute in your company to help make your employees aware of the program. We have no expectations from your staff. This program is not intended to interfere with any relationships with other brokers, realtors, lenders or lawyers that your staff might be using.

This program has been running now for over 4 years with huge success. Here is just an example of some of the companies using this program: Wayfair, shields, WGBH, New England Baptist Hospital, Forrester, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, The Boston Globe, Carbonite, SmartPak, Easter Seals, Donate Live New England, Jump Start Child First, and many more.

To start your program today, please call David at 978.580.7100