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Gardner Real Estate

Gardner, MA is located in Worcester County and it has a population of 20,888. What about cost of living in Gardner, MA? The median income in Gardner, MA is $50,769 and the median home value is $196,724.

Median Household Income $50,769
Median Home Value $196,724
Housing Affordability Index 110
Percent of Adult Population with 401(k) 17.50%Unemployment Rate 3.30%
Total Businesses 762
Percent of Population With Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 20.00%
Percent of Population in the Workforce 61.00%
Restaurants per Capita 19.10
Percent of Adults who Dined Out 52.70%
Average Annual Spending on Lunch Out $799.00
Volunteerism Rate 16.40%
54.70% of Adults Voted in Last Election
Local Participation 6.70%
Diversity Index 36.80
Average Mortgage Amount $674.05
Median Rent $684
50.10% of Homes Owned
49.90% of Homes Rented

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